Obama Guided Bankrupcy

Get the details on the Chrysler bankrupcy. The secured lenders and the taxpayer clearly got shafted. The UAW was given more ownership than anyone and will now negotiate future labor contracts with themself. Oh and if by some miracle they manage NOT to run the company into the ground they will be given Billions MORE in government money. Are you paying attention!? Wake up people China has a more Capitalist economy than we do.

You are looking down a road that leads to complete Government control. Insurers, Auto makers and Banks are all now owned in large part by the Government. Our legislators are supposed to protect us from these huge corporations, now they are all in bed with eachother. You might trust the Government now but what about the future of our country?

Remember that many of these banks didnt even need government money. They were forced to take it so the public would not know which banks were insolvent. Many banks have since tried to repay the loans but were not allowed to. Instead the Obama administration has asked for common shares in exchange for debt repayment which would allow them to vote on Bank policy.

The Federal Government is enslaving generations to come with its wild spending. Americans need to be reminded that every capitalist economy has booms and busts and it is your duty to save and prepare for them. We should not be allowed to avoid the pain of our mistakes by borrowing against the future labor of our unborn children.




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