A New Low for a Local Liberal

As some of you know I am in Massachusetts and so I have unprecedented access to liberal media. Today wile flipping between our two big talk stations I heard a liberal bloviating on the SCOTUS nomination of Sotomayor. He I was shocked to hear conceded that she would not have been nominated had she been a white male. He claimed that since she was qualified(which she is not) it was perfectly fair to consider her race since minority’s have long been “locked-out” of SCOTUS.
I could barely believe my ears. I was happy to hear a string of callers admonish him but it is sad that anyone could take this position. The unnamed talk show host framed his argument as if there existed only qualified candidates and non-qualified candidates and so no harm would come from considering race. This view is simply racist and I say that as someone who is of Latino dissent. There exists many varying levels of “being qualified”. Generally these nominees, and this is no exception have long judicial records and distinguished careers. The idea that two people could be identical enough as to justify the consideration of race or gender in a SCOTUS pick belittles the institution itself.
This said Sotomayor is not qualified and has actually by her own statements disqualified herself on numerous occasions. Look it up its all out there!
I’m sure even Barrack could find a left wing nut out there with far less dirt if he wanted to. The administration had to know they would get a lot of heat on this. This was done hastily to distract us from Osama’s blundering in foreign policy. There has been an up tick in Iraqi violence, Pakistan and Mexico are falling apart and N.Korea did another Nuclear test this time on Memorial Day(last time it was July 4th).

You are being deceived get the inside look at TopTruth!


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