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YouTube – Watch Al Gore Push cap and trade!

Posted in Economics on May 30, 2009 by toptruth

YouTube – Gore Denies that Ken Lay, Goldman Sachs CEOs Helped Develop C02 Trading ‘Scheme’.


As predicted…

Posted in Congress, Economics on May 29, 2009 by toptruth

California has officially requested that the Feds guarantee their bonds. Since its already obvious they cant pay them this amounts to a backdoor bailout.
Taxation Without Representation. If California wants to spend like drunken sailors and invest in a new “green economy” thats fine. When I have to pay after it inevitably fails we have left the realm of rational thought.
Make no mistake people, we are dismanteling the very institutions that made this country strong. Look to States like California, NJ and MA for where the Big Government policies will bring us.
Ignore labels like Democrat and Republicans.
Right now we have Big Gov people and Small Gov people.
Big Gov leads to Socialism and Economic collapse.
Medicare & Social Security are bankrupt,
This country will fail if we continue to ignore reality.


Coming to a Theatre Near You

Posted in Economics on May 28, 2009 by toptruth


Its Thursday…GM is expected to file for bankruptcy Monday…Apparently its already been pre arbitrated because everyone already knows that taxpayers will own 70% and the UAW 20%..Blitzkrieg Bankruptcy!!!

AP Reports;”GM’s stock tumbled to the lowest price in the company’s 100-year history on Friday, closing at just 75 cents after trading as low as 74 cents. A government plan for GM revealed Thursday would make the shares virtually worthless.”


Need More take a look at this;

National Ballot Initiative

Posted in Congress on May 28, 2009 by toptruth

The Libertarian Vice presidential candidate from 08 (insert name) was on the Beck show tonight and kind of jokingly suggested a tax payers union. Obviously there are already various organizations that lobby on behalf of tax payers. But this kind of jived with something that’s been bouncing around in my head.

We need a National Ballot Initiative. Just about every talking head has spent a few ticks on this one but I think its something we all need to grab onto.

Ballot Initiatives are incredibly powerful. I believe they would be even more powerful in the states that have them if State Law wasn’t so often overwhelmed by Federal Power.

If we the people had a National Ballot Initiative process congress would be forced to respect our will. It would open the door for a whole host of new ideas and debate, more people would get involved. We might disagree on some things but it seems like every American feels there Government is (or has been in the not so distant past) completely off the rails. We can all agree we need more control!

We could have voted on the bailout it happened just before election.
We could vote in the Fair Tax.

We COULD have a National Tax Payers Union to which anyone could pay dues right through payroll at work. 

We could empower ourselves instead of worthless elites in Washington.

N. Koreans working with Iran?

Posted in Foreign Policy, National Defense on May 27, 2009 by toptruth

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton suggested that its likely N.Korea is getting funding for its nuclear program from Iran. He pointed to N.Koreas building a reactor in Syria. Watch the video at Greta Wire on the Fox News website.
North Korea has fired six missiles capable of reaching Japan in four days and conducted an underground nuclear test on memorial day. Look for Chinease and Iranian proxys around the world to get more cocky as our economic position weakens.


A New Low for a Local Liberal

Posted in SCOTUS on May 27, 2009 by toptruth

As some of you know I am in Massachusetts and so I have unprecedented access to liberal media. Today wile flipping between our two big talk stations I heard a liberal bloviating on the SCOTUS nomination of Sotomayor. He I was shocked to hear conceded that she would not have been nominated had she been a white male. He claimed that since she was qualified(which she is not) it was perfectly fair to consider her race since minority’s have long been “locked-out” of SCOTUS.
I could barely believe my ears. I was happy to hear a string of callers admonish him but it is sad that anyone could take this position. The unnamed talk show host framed his argument as if there existed only qualified candidates and non-qualified candidates and so no harm would come from considering race. This view is simply racist and I say that as someone who is of Latino dissent. There exists many varying levels of “being qualified”. Generally these nominees, and this is no exception have long judicial records and distinguished careers. The idea that two people could be identical enough as to justify the consideration of race or gender in a SCOTUS pick belittles the institution itself.
This said Sotomayor is not qualified and has actually by her own statements disqualified herself on numerous occasions. Look it up its all out there!
I’m sure even Barrack could find a left wing nut out there with far less dirt if he wanted to. The administration had to know they would get a lot of heat on this. This was done hastily to distract us from Osama’s blundering in foreign policy. There has been an up tick in Iraqi violence, Pakistan and Mexico are falling apart and N.Korea did another Nuclear test this time on Memorial Day(last time it was July 4th).

You are being deceived get the inside look at TopTruth!

Obama Guided Bankrupcy

Posted in Economics on May 27, 2009 by toptruth

Get the details on the Chrysler bankrupcy. The secured lenders and the taxpayer clearly got shafted. The UAW was given more ownership than anyone and will now negotiate future labor contracts with themself. Oh and if by some miracle they manage NOT to run the company into the ground they will be given Billions MORE in government money. Are you paying attention!? Wake up people China has a more Capitalist economy than we do.

You are looking down a road that leads to complete Government control. Insurers, Auto makers and Banks are all now owned in large part by the Government. Our legislators are supposed to protect us from these huge corporations, now they are all in bed with eachother. You might trust the Government now but what about the future of our country?

Remember that many of these banks didnt even need government money. They were forced to take it so the public would not know which banks were insolvent. Many banks have since tried to repay the loans but were not allowed to. Instead the Obama administration has asked for common shares in exchange for debt repayment which would allow them to vote on Bank policy.

The Federal Government is enslaving generations to come with its wild spending. Americans need to be reminded that every capitalist economy has booms and busts and it is your duty to save and prepare for them. We should not be allowed to avoid the pain of our mistakes by borrowing against the future labor of our unborn children.


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